Product Release Notes

2023 -07-18 3.0.4172

  • Updated the S3 export copy to be more specific about where your file is going:
  • Fixed an issue with our S3 integration that required a user to re-authenticate for each export/import request
  • Fixed a bug in the hand label page that was causing the layout to shift when submitting the first label

2023- 05-25 3.0.3893

  • Updated the SDK version to 3.4.2. As always, check out the SDK docs here!
  • Added new button components to the Hand Label page and placed the candidate data inside a scrolling container:
  • Fixed the NER expectation slider in the hinter list, which was displaying incorrectly
  • Updated the CSS in the candidate table to avoid breaking text wrapping when displaying hats for enrichment attributes

2023-04-06 3.0.3723

  • Updated the SDK version to 3.0.0; this update enables dataset enrichment by column, which will speed up the process if you don't need every column enriched.
  • Added guides on installation and usage to our SDK documentation
  • Cleaned up some text and the Approve All button in the hinter list

2023-03-30 3.0.3666

  • Bumped the SDK version again! It's now on 2.5.0 and following URL redirects.
  • Admins now see the count of pending users for their team in the Hub:
  • We removed the 'view all' link when a row does not, in fact, have any matching hinters to view:

2023-03-23 3.0.3623

  • New SDK version! Now on 2.4.0. Evergreen reminder that SDK docs can be found here.
  • Improved error messaging in the login drawer: errors appear inside the drawer instead of in the main body of the app for streamlined review:
  • User's initial also now appears in the login icon in the bottom left of the app, so you know you're logged in

2023-03-16 3.0.3586

  • New improvements to the Named Entity Recognition hand labeling experience: intentional entity creation and a local action menu for easy deletion:
  • We've added user information into the login panel - no more questioning whoami

2023-03-10 3.0.3562

  • New SDK version (2.3.0) that makes installing Python dependencies much easier. As always, check out the SDK docs here!
  • Dataset import and export have been moved to the new Project Settings screen! Take a look at the updated documentation here.
  • Fixed an NER bug in which overlapping spans caused the app to crash
  • Released fix to vulnerability in diesel dependency
  • Fixed a bug with s3 import and export
  • Improved error messaging for s3 import/export

2023-02-28 3.0.3497

  • Various cleanup behind the scenes, but most importantly...
  • Watchful Community Edition is LIVE! What is it?
    • A free version of Watchful that enables members of the community to explore and label unstructured text using our Full Text Classification features, released under a Community/Non-Commercial License
    • A single app instance easily deployable via Docker image
    • 5MB upload limit per dataset, but unlimited rows and projects
    • Access to the Watchful SDK
    • Interested in passing this along to someone who may want to try out Watchful? Register for a download link on our site!

2023-02-06 3.0.3393

  • Fixed a hot key bug when relabeling FTC rows in the Hand Label page
  • Fixed wrapping text in project headers
  • Inferenceable columns function added to the SDK. Setting a column's inference configuration to false prevents it from being used for hinter suggestions or in query and hinter matches. Check out the SDK documentation for how to use the function.

2022-11-29 3.0.3041

  • Class name error message fixed: Class names must start with an uppercase letter, only contain alphanumerical characters or '_', and not exceed 32 characters.
  • Fix issue where suggestions in Co-Pilot would occasionally appear twice.

2022-11-11 3.0.2940

  • Dataset enrichment is now live in the SDK! Now you can enrich your dataset with valuable attributes in a hosted Watchful instance. Refer to the enrichment readme for more information.
  • Truncate columns in hand label history
  • Land Standard and Admin users on the Query page when opening a project
  • Rearrange charts so Confusion Index is at the top

2022-10-19 3.0.2816

  • Fix crash in suggestion engine from looking up deleted hinter
  • Fix performance issue with projects that have thousands of hand labels
  • Fix UI component misalignment

2022-10-13 Watchful Python SDK

We've released our public Python SDK! Check it out here and make sure to read through the introduction here.

2022-10-04 3.0.2724

  • Update the titles used in Co-Pilot
  • Redirect User to Account Screen on Login/Register
  • Redirect New Users to Login Screen - Hub
  • Add pending user login screen message
  • Fix skip hot key error
  • Remove Versions page in Hub
  • Fix: land user in co-pilot when opening a project

2022-09-27 3.0.2633

  • Fix export button
    • Make the export button actually download a file
    • Export the correct class type based on what the user's selected
  • Introduced Notification Center
    • The Notification Center will report Notification Events in the system. Examples of Notification Events include, but are not limited to: Hinter Reviews and Hand Label Disagreements
  • Fixed hand labels made via the lightning icon taking 5-10s to appear
  • Improved performance of start anchors in queries like CELLS TOKS: ^
  • Fixed collaboration push actions not disappearing from UI after pushing
  • Fixed collaboration publish action conflicting with local project after publish
  • Fixed hinters' empirical expectations disappearing

2022-08-02 3.0.4

  • Align Application and Hub version numbers

2022-08-02 3.0.3

  • Fix suggestion engine query generation utf-8 bug
  • Fix crash when opening a project while another project is still loading
  • Fix hub authorization bug

2022-08-02 3.0.2

  • Fix role authorization flag issue

2022-08-02 3.0.1

  • Fix Windows build

2022-08-02 3.0.0

  • Introduces Guided Labeling for FTC powered by a new Suggestion Engine
  • Introduces an experience for annotator users
  • Exports now downloads the file via the browser, enabling dockerized deployments
  • Adds recall, precision and error rate charts
  • Fixed a bug in empirical hand label count feature in hinter list
  • Adds native case query support, for querying upper/lower/title case.
  • Adds anchors '^' and '$' to the query language, for querying start and end of contexts
  • Admin screen renamed to Team in Watchful Hub
  • Admin can now choose to Approve users before they have access to Watchful Hub
  • Query performance improvements
  • Improvements to project load times

2022-06-15 2.9.0

  • Add back hotkey bindings for ftc-recall hand labelling (y/n)
  • Remove "Project/" from projects page topnav
  • Fixed a bug in a library function that could cause the suggestion engine to crash
  • Sort classnames alphabetically in class selection
  • NER tokenization change. Potentially breaking change, but only if you are using "TOKS:" in your hinters. The change is that mixed runs of letters and numbers ("abc123", "12gram") now break into separate tokens.
  • NER sentencization change. "SENTS: " queries now include all tokens.
  • Handles errors during project load gracefully, displaying the error in the UI.
  • Add query cheat sheet
  • Make NER hand label candidate monospace and larger font
  • Make hinter create error messages more user friendly
  • SpaCy enrichment includes sentiment analysis

2022-05-11 2.8.1

  • Add field comparison query syntax (FieldA < FieldB, etc)
  • Remove prefix sampled statistics computations
  • Remove flicker from charts when applying actions
  • Improve presentation and flexibility of logging infrastructure

2022-04-06 2.8.0

  • All-new suggestion engine for NER classes (hinter and hand label suggestions)
  • Improves project load time for projects with many hand labels
  • Fix another NER plabel bug (wrong byte count in hinter stats)
  • Move class selection and base rate setting to sidebar
  • Remove approving empirical expectations from NER classes
  • Fixes base64 encoding recursion error
  • Collaboration fetch does not sync unwanted directories
  • Updates label distribution tooltip to "Candidates X%", was "Candidates X"
  • Attribute file parsing validates utf-8 alignment
  • Renders hats and displays auto-correct beyond a single set of brackets

2022-02-16 2.7.1

  • Fix issue where hand labeling used a lot of memory
  • Decreases time it takes to switch between projects
  • Fix issue where error message was shown when pulling changes

2022-02-03 2.7.0

  • Fix bug where deleted classes would reappear
  • Fix NER plabel bug (select wrong hinter IDs)
  • Adds create_attribute_for_values() to to more easily use a known set of values in Watchful
  • Update --streaming mode to use new query engine
  • NER for everyone (removes separate NER build)
  • Update hinter list expectation slider
  • Fix NER export "include negative plabels" option
  • Fix pagination to show hats after first page
  • Only show tags and plabels that belong to previewed text
  • Decreases timeout for hub url configuration
  • Remove precision labeling from NER
  • Attributes now merge rather than overwriting
  • Fixes highlighting issue related to ROWS
  • Fixes query highlighting edge case
  • Fix NER handlabel issues
  • Streaming mode now runs in parallel, using all available CPU cores.
  • Default select all NER export options
  • Sort classes by class-type in hand label dropdown
  • Remove Base Rate field for NER

2022-01-05 2.6.4

  • NER handlabel and chart support and export improvements
  • Parallel Note this adds a module to the requirements file, so pip will need to be re-run to pull this in.
  • Add confirmation modal to submit all empirical expectations
  • Separate classes by type in class dropdown
  • Add update page
  • Add user drawer
  • Add auth wall tooltip (behind feature flag) to share button